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Kits and Tools

Some items used by inspectors are hard to find, so we have assembled a collection of quality equipment from a variety of vendors at affordable prices. All the items we sell are useful tools that we personally use in the field. Every from PHII comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

home inspection kitDeluxe Home Inspector Kit

Moisture Meter, Compact Binoculars, Wide Mouth Tool Bag, Pivot Light w/Battery, Non Contact Voltage Sensor, 4-bit Fiberglass 2000v Screwdriver, Kneepads, Electrical Current Tester, GFI Receptacle Tester, Inspection Mirror, Saunders Clipboard, Line Level, 12' Tape Measure, Service Entrance/Wire Gauge.


mold inspection kitDeluxe Mold Inspector Kit

Powerful 30 LPM IAQ Pump (120 volts) with integrated combination flow meter/regulator valve, Tubing (10 feet), 52-inch Sampling Stand (collapses to 16-inches), Bioisolation Filter, Deluxe Toolbox Style Carrying Case (18" x 9" x 13.5"), 10 Air-O-Cell® Cartridges, 10 Mold Sampling Swabs with Containers, 10 Bio-Tape Surface Samplers with Cases.

Price: $699.00 Order
Add-on to Mold Course for $499.00

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