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home inspector testimonialThis was an incredible course! For years I've wanted to become a home inspector but had no practical way to get started. I took your course and in a few weeks working on it part time I was finished. It really is that easy. Since starting inspecting two months ago, I've already got more business than I can handle! Your home inspection school was well worth it! L.W., Lincoln, NE

home inspector testimonialI want to emphatically recommend this course to others! Sacramento has a fantastic market for home inspections, and your course helped my husband and I launch a very successful home inspection business! PHII took away the mystery from home inspection and showed us exactly what to do. We still use your inspection forms to compile our finished reports! Thanks so much. C.L., Sacramento, CA

home inspector testimonialI'm semi-retired and moved to Florida a few years ago. I had a home inspection done and decided to learn how to become a home inspector. Your home inspection training jumped out at me because I could take the course online from home and use my iPad. It took a little more than three weeks to finish the course, but less than one week after receiving my Florida home inspector license to start my own business down here and inspect my first home. I'm now working 2-3 days a week and loving it! Thanks! F.K., Ft. Myers, FL

home inspector testimonialLet me tell you about my experience with the home inspector course from PHII. I'm a licensed contractor, but there's a world of difference between inspecting homes and building them. I learned a lot about what goes wrong with homes and what to look for after, say 10-15 years. I bought the home inspection training for my sons, but now they have me inspecting part-time for them! It's absolutely worth the money -- just ask my boys! J.R., San Diego, CA

home inspector testimonialThis was my first time taking an online course, but the instructors were always there to help me. I could call or email any time and they always answered my questions completely. I believe this was the best way for me to learn homeinspection because I do better on my own outside of the classroom. The course was simple to complete and I had no problems passing it. I have my own home inspector business now and I'm really glad I took this course because it got me ready for my future. I would recommend it to others. J.H., N. Miami, FL

"I am a natural skeptic and choosing to invest in training materials is a decision that does not come easily. After examining all of the options, I found that PHII was the most comprehensive choice while still affording exceptional value. I purchased the Basic and Advanced courses and was very pleased with the delivery of the material. Being so impressed with the quality and of the courses, I immediately ordered the Pest course and was, again impressed with the quality of the course. These courses work to educate, train and make you confident in your ability to go out and start a successful home inspection business. PHII has developed a successful curriculum that is worth much more than its price! Thank you." Tony, Arnold, MD

"The content was straightforward, and you didn't waste my time with filler information. Other schools wanted $2,000 just for a set of video tapes. I've passed your course and I'm proud to display your trained and certified logo on my business cards." Stan, Oakland

"I just wanted to let you know that I scored 634 on the National Home Inspector Examination (500 is passing) and 95% on the state "Statutes and Rules" examination . . . I'm very pleased with the course I took from you; it was exactly what I needed..." Ed, Milwaukee, WI

"I took your course because I wanted to learn practical home inspection, not theory. Your online course delivered, and your additional live training session gave me the hands-on that I needed." Jim, Chicago

"You have the only online course I've found that teaches home inspection for a beginner with no experience. I understood what I had to do for each lesson." Christopher, Tampa

"Your instructors are well-qualified and understand how to train students to find defects. I was most impressed with your report creator software." Paula, Atlanta

"I looked at every home inspection school on the market, and you offer the best course at the best value for meeting the state training requirements for home inspectors." Mike, Peoria IL

"I have experience with general contracting and new construction inspection, and I finished your course quickly and became certified. Your course was exactly what I needed to get started.
Richard, New York

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