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Energy Auditor / Weatherization Contractor

Length: 66-Hours (Online) 4 Modules, Fees: $499

Have you considered diversifying your real estate business? Maybe you want to get the most from an infrared camera or help rehab homes. An energy auditor inspects a building for poor energy efficiency and conducts hands-on tests to determine the source. A weatherization contractor directs corrective work to improve energy efficiency. In some areas, funds are even available to pay for these services. Certified energy auditors and weatherization contractors are in demand nationwide.

Learning energy auditing and weatherization is not difficult to master, but it does require training to understand how to inspect a property, use diagnostic equipment such as a blower door, and assess what is needed for repairs. We have a complete 4-module training system that includes all you need to start a business including forms and online software to produce reports for your clients. Adding energy auditing or weatherization is a great addition to your current business and can add significantly to your bottom line.

PHII training includes report writing software and custom report forms for your clients

Course Module 1: Energy Audit Diagnostics (20-Hours)
Energy auditors provide a valuable service to homeowners across the United States and Canada. These professionals examine homes and make recommendations to homeowners on ways to improve the energy efficiency of that home. Auditors assess the condition of a home's thermal envelope, test for air leaks, check for gaps in insulation and advise homeowners on which improvements will pay off over time.

This Energy Audit Diagnostics Course follows national guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Energy to meet the weatherization needs of each state. You will also learn infrared camera usage, blower door testing, duct leak testing, thermodynamics, furnace combustion appliance testing, and much more! The course addresses the systems inside the home, including how energy is used and concrete recommendations homeowners can use to reduce their energy costs.

You will Learn:
The Energy Audit Process and state guidelines
Using thermal imaging cameras
How to perform a blower door tests
How to audit / test a furnace system
Terminology used in energy audits
How to test for air leaks, duct leaks, and combustion problems

Course Module 2: Weatherization and Insulation Remediation (24-Hours)
The demand for home weatherization professionals has never been greater as costs for heating and cooling continue to rise. Weatherization and Insulation Remediation work is typically performed after a comprehensive energy audit where problem areas have been identified. Work can be performed when a homeowner seeks to reduce heating or cooling costs or as a condition of a real estate transaction.

This Weatherization and Insulation Remediation Course will give you the training you need to weatherize, insulate and improve the overall energy efficiency of homes. The course covers insulation used during the last 100 years and will not only teach you how to identify insulation defects, but will also show you ways to remediate insulation problems. Weatherization and Insulation Remediation can be a perfect fit for any building professional who wants to expand their services or offer energy auditing inspections.

You will Learn:
The major factors that contribute to weatherization deficiencies in a home.
How to identify areas of strength and weakness in terms of insulation and ventilation efficiency.
How to apply weatherization concepts to your contracting business or inspection business.
How to mitigate insulation defects with proper weatherization techniques
How to properly remediate inadequate insulation in doors, windows, walls, basements, attics and crawlspaces
How to market your services and expand your business.

Course Module 3: Manufactured Homes Insulation (12-Hours)
his course provides a history of the building codes that govern manufactured homes. Manufactured housing is the only type of housing construction in the US that is regulated by federal law. The age of the home is a telling factor in many of the insulation standards and other construction details.

This course covers the possible weatherization measures that are proven to reduce energy loss. Because every home is unique, the specific measures for a home will be those that are determined to be cost-effective and achieve the most improvement in overall energy efficiency. Also a part of this course are instructions for how to properly perform remediation in manufactured homes.

You will Learn:
The major factors that contribute to weatherization deficiencies in a manufactured home (mobile home).
How to identify areas of strength and weakness in terms of insulation and ventilation efficiency.
How to apply weatherization concepts to manufactured homes or mobile homes.
How to mitigate insulation defects with proper weatherization techniques.
How to properly remediate inadequate insulation / ventilation in mobile homes / manufactured homes.

Course Module 4: Appliance Efficiency (10-Hours)
While a traditional residential energy audit will focus primarily on the exterior shell of a house, homeowners also have significant opportunities to improve the internal energy efficiency of their homes. By arming yourself with this information, you will be better able to address the concerns of your customers and increase the value of the service you provide in addition to weatherization and insulation remediation.

In this course, you will learn about the ENERGY STAR program and EnergyGuide labels as well as residential systems and home appliances that present opportunities for energy savings. Upon completion of this course, you will have the information and resources needed to advise homeowners on steps they can take to reduce their annual energy costs.

You will Learn:
The major factors and appliances that contribute to energy loss in a home.
How to identify areas of strength and weakness in terms of energy efficiency.
How to improve energy efficiency in a home or residential property.
How to determine energy efficiency / consumption in lighting and appliances.
Energy Star ratings, energy guide ratings, and what they mean to homeowners.
How to effectively market energy efficiency

Once all four course modules are completed you will have earned your nationally-recognized Energy Auditor Certification and Weatherization Contractor Certification.

As you complete each lesson and module, you will use interactive flash cards and take practice quizzes that will test your knowledge, generate instant feedback and provide opportunities to correct mistakes, re-learn information and re-test. Our system keeps track of your progress, so you can take a break at any time, even turn off your computer and the course will return to where you left off. Your instruction will culminate in a final exam for each course module to verify that you have mastered the course content. The course takes about 66 hours to complete and can be taken entirely online.

Online Course Tour
Try a free online course demo of the certified energy auditor course package offered by Professional Home Inspection Institute. This demo provides additional information about the weatherization training courses while also letting you log in and experience for yourself how the interactive online course system functions.

Package Includes:
Online Course (4 modules) and optional back-up CD, Online Flashcards & Testing, Energy Audit DVD, Report Templates, Energy Auditor Certification, Weatherization Contractor Certification, Toll Free Student Support.
Free Bonuses: $399 Energy Audit Report Creator, $149 InspectHost Business Website

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