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How to Become a Certified Home Inspector in Pennsylvania

home inspector state regulations PHII's Online Home Inspection Training and Certification Course with free NSHI Membership meets Pennsylvania requirements for home inspectors. PA inspectors must comply with the Pennsylvania Trade Practice Act 114, Title 68 Real and Personal Property Statute, which requires home inspectors to:

  • Be a full member of a national, not-for-profit home inspection association that requires 100-inspections for full membership
  • Comply with that association's code of conduct and education policy
  • Maintain errors and omissions, and general liability insurance
  • Provide a copy of the report to the property seller, upon request
  • Not perform repairs on a house that he/she inspected within the previous 12 months
After achieving your PHII home inspector certification, new PA home inspectors can become a full member of a national non-profit association by participating in at least 100 inspections, generally by shadowing or riding along with other home inspectors. There are many Pennsylvania home inspectors who can provide home inspector mentoring, but you are responsible for setting up your supervised inspections and maintaining a log of your experience.

After completing the PHII course, you will receive a free $199 one-year membership in the National Society of Home Inspectors. NSHI is a national non-profit home inspector association compliant in Pennsylvania. When you have completed your inspection experience log, NSHI will issue a Full Member Letter of Compliance, which you can show to clients and realtors to demonstrate that you are a Pennsylvania-compliant home inspector.

As the industry grows, many states are enacting or changing legislation for home inspectors. There are two proposed bills to amend the Pennsylvania home inspector legislation: House Bill 1421 and Senate Bill 81. Both propose the same Biennial Licensing Requirements with different grandfathering provisions:
  • (1) Be of good moral character.
  • (2) Be 18 years of age or older.
  • (3) Have successfully completed high school or its equivalent.
  • (4) 120 hours of approved instruction and 40 hours of in-field training.
  • (5) Satisfactorily complete a board-approved examination
  • (6) Pay the fee set by the board.
  • (7) Maintain professional liability insurance ($100,000 per occurrence; $500,000 aggregate).
SB 81 Grandfathering
(1) Be at least 18 years of age.
(2) Passed a written examination.
(3) Completed at least 250 fee-paid inspections during the previous three years
(4) Proof of professional liability insurance

HB 1421 Grandfathering (2 years)
(1) Is an active professional home inspector.
(2) Good moral character, 18 years or older, high school or its equivalent.
(3) Submits proof satisfactory to the bureau that the applicant has:
(i) been in active, continuous practice for at least five years immediately preceding the effective date of this section; or
(ii) completed 120 hours of instruction in home inspection and related subjects.

SB 81 creates a separate home inspector board, while HB 1421 is controlled by the bureau department. A version of one of the two bills could pass. In the meantime, PHII will give you a nationally recognized home inspector certification and the credentials you need to get started in Pennsylvania and will help you satisfy possible grandfathering provisions when legislation changes.

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