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Ohio Home Inspector License Requirements

The home inspection profession is regulated in Ohio and requires a license. Ohio requires new home inspectors to complete several steps before applying for a home inspector license. Follow the path below to become a licensed home inspector in Ohio.

PHII is currently not approved for pre-license education requirements in Ohio due to unusual board requirements for national online training providers. The law requires Ohio home inspectors to:

  1. Complete a fingerprint-based criminal records check
  2. Be at least age 18 with diploma or GED
  3. Complete 80 hours of classroom or online prelicensing education
  4. Complete 40 hours of field experience or 10 parallel inspections
  5. Pass the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE)
  6. Obtain General liability insurance ($100,000/$300,000 aggregate)
  7. Complete 14 hours of continuing education during the 3-year license period

State Board:
The Ohio Home Inspector Board
Application for approval has been submitted

Approved: No

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