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Weatherization and Insulation Remediation Course

weatherization and insulation courseFees: $295 | Hours: 24 | Type: Online | Enroll

The demand for home weatherization professionals has never been greater as costs for heating and cooling continue to rise. Weatherization and Insulation Remediation work is typically performed after a comprehensive energy audit where problem areas have been identified. Work can be performed when a homeowner seeks to reduce heating or cooling costs or as a condition of a real estate transaction.

This Weatherization and Insulation Remediation Course will give you the training you need to weatherize, insulate and improve the overall energy efficiency of homes. The course covers insulation used during the last 100 years and will not only teach you how to identify insulation defects, but will also show you ways to remediate insulation problems. Weatherization and Insulation Remediation can be a perfect fit for any building professional who wants to expand their services or offer energy auditing inspections.

After you learn the concepts in each lesson and complete the quizzes, your instruction will culminate in a final exam to verify that you have mastered the course content. The course takes about 24 hours to complete and can be taken online or on the interactive CD-ROM you receive in the mail.

Weatherization Contractor Certification

Energy Auditor Certification

Certified Weatherization Contractor
Weatherization & Insulation Remediation Course

Manf. Homes Insulation Course

Residential Appliance Efficiency

Certified Energy Auditor
Energy Audit Diagnostics Course

Weatherization & Insulation Remediation Course

Manf. Homes Insulation Course

Residential Appliance Efficiency

*CWC and CEA certification requires you to take the course combinations above.

Package Deal: All 4 courses, CWC and CEA certifications for $695** (save $485)

Free Online Course Demo
Try a free online demo of the certified energy auditor course package offered by Professional Home Inspection Institute. This demo provides additional information about the weatherization training courses while also letting you log in and experience for yourself how the interactive online course system functions.

What You Will Master

The major factors that contribute to weatherization deficiencies in a home.
How to identify areas of strength and weakness in terms of insulation and ventilation efficiency.
How to apply weatherization concepts to your contracting business or inspection business.
How to mitigate insulation defects with proper weatherization techniques
How to properly remediate inadequate insulation in doors, windows, walls, basements, crawlspaces, attics, and more.
How to market your services and expand your business.
And much more

Package Includes:

Fees: $295 | Hours: 24 |  Type: Online  |  Enroll

Online Course Access and supplemental Course CD-ROM, Online Flashcards & Testing, Certificate of Completion, Toll Free Student Support, Free $149 InspectHost website.

Course Lessons:

- Introduction

- Common Terminology

- Sealing Air Leaks

- Attic Insulation

- Attic Ventilation

- Wall Insulation

- Basement Insulation

- Crawlspace Insulation & Ventilation

- Straw Bale Insulation

- Windows

- Doors

- Additional Remediation Techniques

- Safety

weatherization energy auditor training package
Package Deal:
All 4 courses, CWC and CEA certifications for $695
(save $784)

Includes all four courses, one-day optional field lab with instructors (can be taken separately for $299), Certified Weatherization Contractor and Certified Energy Auditor designation and logos from Professional Home Inspection Institute, Emissivity Guide (reference chart for emissivity values of common materials), and free one-month subscription to Home Energy Magazine.

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