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Home Inspector Defect Recognition Course

Fees: $199 | Hours: 12 | Type: Online | Enroll

PHII's Defect Course contains 10 lessons with over 275 interactive flash cards that include Grounds, Exterior, Structure, Roofing, Attic, Basement, Plumbing, Electrical, Interior, and HVAC. Each flash card contains an actual photo of a defect and challenges you to explain what went wrong and what is the proper course of action to recommend to the client. Click to reveal the answer, then take a final exam at the end of the course. Review the photos over and over again!

Why Use Flashcards?
Learning home inspection requires time seeing and responding mentally to defects, and flashcards are a proven method of reinforcing learning and improving retention. Seeing an image with a question makes you stop and use your analytical skills, just as you did in school. The only difference is that the flashcards are online.

We compiled these defect photos from a variety of distressed homes we've inspected across the country. You are almost certain to encounter some defects you haven't seen before or may wonder how to describe. This is an excellent entry course for all levels of home inspectors because it teaches defect recognition for beginners, but it can also challenge the seasoned inspector to determine exactly what is wrong and how to properly explain it to the client within the inspection's scope. As you complete each lesson, you will receive instant online feedback so that you know how you are doing. When you finish the course you will possess the knowledge and skills needed to report on a variety of defects.

WMenuhat You Will Master

The typical defects found in both new and older homes.
Some unusual defects that are interesting to know.
Detailed explanations for each defect encountered.
The proper course of action for each defect encountered.
And much more

Package Includes:

Fees: $199 | Hours: 12  |  Type: Online  |  Enroll

Online Course Access and supplemental Course CD-ROM, Online Flashcards & Testing, Certificate of Completion, Toll Free Student Support, Free $199 Membership in
NSHI, the National Society of Home Inspectors, Free $149 InspectHost website.











10. HVAC

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