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Kits, Tools, and Forms

Many specialty items used by home inspectors are impossible to find in ordinary stores, so we have assembled a collection of quality equipment from a variety of vendors at affordable prices. All the items we sell are useful tools that we personally use in the field. As a symbol of trust, every order from PHII comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

home inspection kit Deluxe Home Inspector Kit
Moisture Meter, 10x25 Compact Binoculars, 24-pocket Big Mouth Tool Bag, 6-volt Rayovac Pivot Light w/Battery, Non Contact Voltage Sensor, 4-bit Fiberglass 2000v Screwdriver, Kneepads, Electrical Current Tester, GFI Receptacle Tester, Inspection Mirror, Saunders Clipboard, Paper Filter Masks (5/pack), Line Level, 12' Tape Measure (Stanley), Service Entrance/Wire Gauge.

Our Price:
$299.00 ORDER
Add-on to Home Inspection Course for $199.00
mold inspection kit Deluxe Mold Inspector Kit
Powerful 30 LPM IAQ Pump (120 volts) with integrated combination flow meter/regulator valve, Tubing (10 feet), 52-inch Sampling Stand (collapses to 16-inches), Bioisolation Filter, Deluxe Toolbox Style Carrying Case (18" x 9" x 13.5"), 10 Air-O-Cell® Cartridges, 10 Mold Sampling Swabs with Containers, 10 Bio-Tape? Surface Samplers with Cases.

Our Price:
$699.00 ORDER
Add-on to Mold Course for $499.00
mold remediation kit Mold Remediation Starter Kit
MoldSTAT PLUS Concentrate
MoldSTAT Peroxy Kling
Gilmour Hand Sprayer
Tyvek Coverall with hood and boots
Disposable Nitrile Gloves 100-Pack
3M Half Faceplate Respirator
3M Respirator Filter 2-Pack
Anti-Fog Mold Safety Goggles.

Our Price:
$299.00 ORDER
Add-on to Mold Course for $199.00

Tools and Kits Are NOT Included with Enrollment in a Course.

GFCI Receptacle Tester   Electrical Tester
Instantly displays the condition of the wiring for all grounded 120 Volt AC outlets. Also tests the circuit breaker in GFI outlets in bathrooms and other areas. UL listed.

Our Price: $19.95 ORDER
  Essential when testing for electrical current on components not connected to conventional outlets. Also allows you to test 2-prong ungrounded outlets. Checks AC/DC 80-500 Volts. UL listed.

Our Price: $14.95 ORDER
Non-contact AC Voltage Sensor   Ullman Inspection Mirror

Senses live electrical current without contact. Use before touching or removing electrical service components. Two AAA batteries included. Audio chirp alert and flashing red light. Pocket clip.

Our Price: $19.95 ORDER
  Rugged stainless steel head assembly with 1" x 2" oval mirror. 360 degree all-angle-viewing for fast, accurate visual inspection of hidden areas. Attached pocket clip to carry it safely in a shirt pocket.

Our Price: $19.95 ORDER
Electrician's Screwdriver   Tommyco Knee Pads
Fiberglass reinforced 4-in-1 screwdriver UL tested and safe up to 2000 volts. Rare earth Neodymium magnet hardened bits. Lifetime guarantee.

Our Price: $14.95 ORDER
  High-quality kneepads made by Tommyco, a leading manufacture of kneepads. Lightweight and easy to slip on when inspecting an attic or crawlspace.

Our Price: $14.95 ORDER
Moisture Test Meter Krypton Lantern with Swivel Base
Self-contained metal contact probes with 4-light system to detect moisture problems as low as 14 to 20-percent. Test hard or soft wood, sheetrock, concrete, plaster, carpet and more!

Our Price: $59.95 ORDER
7-inch industrial 6-volt lantern by Rayovac with long-range beam and krypton bulb and waterproof. Swivel stand allows lantern to be stationed in place. Includes battery and lifetime warranty.

Our Price: $24.95 ORDER
21-Pocket Big Mouth Tool Bag 10 X 25 Compact Binoculars
This 13 x 8 x 8.5-inch all-purpose tool bag made of tough ballistic nylon with 6 pockets outside and 15 pockets inside. Wide mouth with padded sides.

Our Price: $24.95 ORDER
Vanguard 10 x 25 compact binoculars with ruby lenses. Rubber armored with a field angle of 5.8 degrees, fold inside a compact carry case. Lifetime warranty.

Our Price: $49.95 ORDER

Service Entrance and Wire Gauge

Non-conducting gauge helps identify the capacity for copper/aluminum Romex service entrance cables, and non-insulated household wire sizes. Table with breaker sizes for cop/alum wiring.

Our Price:
$14.95 ORDER

Forms and Templates Below Are Included FREE with the Corresponding Course.

Home Inspection Report Template Manufactured Home Report Forms
Home Inspection Report Forms for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat Reader (includes pre-inspection agreement).
Our Price: $99.00 ORDER
Manufactured/Mobile Home Report Form addendum form Microsoft Excel. 3-page report checklist for these types of homes.
Our Price: $99.00 ORDER
Mold Inspection Report Template Radon Inspection Report Forms
Mold Inspection Report Forms, pre-inspection agreement and Remediation Proposal for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat Reader (includes pre-inspection agreement).
Our Price: $99.00 ORDER
Radon Inspection Report Forms for Microsoft Word (includes Mitigation Systems Checklist, and Non-interference Radon Test Agreement.)
Our Price: $99.00 ORDER
Pest Inspection Report Template Advertsing and Promotion Templates
Wood Destroying Insect Report Forms for providing a written report after a pest inspection for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Our Price: $99.00 ORDER
Advertising and Promotion Forms. (Ads, Brochures, Business Cards, Flyers, Postcards, Website for your home inspection business.)
Our Price: $99.00 ORDER