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Environmental Hazards: Lead, Asbestos, Formaldehyde, Radon for Home InspectorsEnvironmental Hazards Inspection Course

$299 | Hours: 8 | Type: Distance | Enroll

Environmental hazards like asbestos, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, lead, and radon are outside the scope of a typical home inspection. However, many homebuyers and homeowners are concerned about these dangerous and sometimes life threatening hazardous materials existing in their homes and for that reason, environmental hazard inspections are often included as an additional service when someone purchases a home inspection.

This course is an introduction to environmental hazards as they relate to the housing and construction industry.  Each lesson identifies a specific hazard, how to recognize it, how people become exposed to it,  how to test for it, and ways to mitigate the problem. After completing the course, you will be more aware of the environmental risks that exist and how to protect yourself and others. You will also learn if a license or certification is required to conduct professional testing or abatement services for clients.

National Association of Mold Remediators and InspectorsThe course, available online and on CD-ROM, is accepted for continuing education by most home inspector associations. As you complete each lesson, you will use interactive flash cards and take practice quizzes that will test and verify your knowledge simultaneously through instant computerized feedback. Your computer records the results so you can easily track your progress. When you finish the course you will feel more confident and informed about environmental hazards.

Learning Objectives You Will Master

        Indoor Air Quality

  • Define what makes up indoor air quality
  • Evaluate potential health risks
  • Sources of indoor air pollutants
  • How outdoor pollutants affect IAQ
  • How humans are exposed to pollutants
  • Ways to mitigate and improve IAQ
  • Testing procedures for indoor air quality


  • Understand the properties of asbestos
  • Evaluate potential health risks
  • Understand sources of indoor asbestos
  • How humans are exposed to asbestos
  • List ways to mitigate an asbestos problem
  • Asbestos testing and abatement

        Carbon Monoxide

  • The properties of carbon monoxide
  • Evaluate potential health risks
  • Understand sources of carbon monoxide
  • Ways humans are exposed to CO
  • Prevention of carbon monoxide exposure
  • Testing for levels of carbon monoxide


  • The properties of formaldehyde
  • Evaluate potential health risks
  • Understand sources of formaldehyde
  • Humans exposure to formaldehyde
  • Ways to mitigate formaldehyde exposure
  • Testing procedures for formaldehyde


  • Understand the properties of lead
  • Evaluate potential health risks
  • Understand sources of lead poisoning
  • Learn how humans are exposed to lead
  • Ways to prevent lead exposure
  • Testing procedures for lead


  • Understand the properties of radon
  • Evaluate potential health risks
  • Understand the potential sources of radon
  • Learn how humans are exposed to radon
  • Understand radon mitigation methods
  • Describe radon testing procedures

        Water Quality

  • Define what makes up water quality
  • Evaluate potential health risks from pathogens, heavy metals, nitrates, radionuclides, and synthetic organics
  • Sources of water contamination
  • Affects of exposure to contaminants
  • Mitigation of some water quality problems
  • Testing procedures for water quality
Package Includes:

Fees: $299 | Hours: 8 | Type: Distance | Enroll 

NAMRICourse CD-ROM, Online Course Access, Computerized Flashcards & Testing, Certificate of Completion, Toll Free Student Support, Free $149 Membership in NAMRI, National Association of Mold Remediators and Inspectors.

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Course Lessons:

1. Indoor Air Quality

2. Asbestos

3. Carbon Monoxide

4. Formaldehyde

5. Lead

6. Radon

7. Water Quality