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certified energy auditorEnergy Audit Diagnostics Course

$295 | Hours: 20 | Type: Distance | Enroll

Energy auditors provide a valuable service to homeowners across the United States and Canada. These professionals inspect homes and make recommendations to homeowners on ways to improve the energy efficiency of that home. Auditors assess the condition of a home's thermal envelope, test for air leaks, check for gaps in insulation and advise homeowners on which improvements will pay off over time. This profession is a high growth area due to government funding, and PHII's training will help you get in on the ground floor.

This Energy Audit Diagnostics Course follows national guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Energy to meet the weatherization needs of each state. You will also learn infrared camera usage, blower door testing, duct leak testing, thermodynamics, furnace combustion appliance testing, and much more! The course addresses the systems inside the home, including how energy is used and concrete recommendations homeowners can use to reduce their energy costs.

PHII's Energy Audit Diagnostics Course is one of four courses needed to become a certified energy auditor. You can purchase one course at a time, or save money by purchasing all four courses in one package and earn both CWC and CEA certifications at the same time:

Weatherization Contractor Certification

Energy Auditor Certification

Certified Weatherization Contractor
Weatherization & Insulation Remediation Course

Manf. Homes Insulation Course

Residential Appliance Efficiency
Certified Energy Auditor
Energy Audit Diagnostics Course

Weatherization & Insulation Remediation Course

Manf. Homes Insulation Course

Residential Appliance Efficiency

*CWC and CEA certification requires you to take the course combinations above.

Package Deal: All 4 courses, CWC and CEA certifications for $695** (save $784)

Free Online Course Tour
Try a free online demo of the certified energy auditor course package offered by Professional Home Inspection Institute. This demo provides additional information about the weatherization training courses while also letting you log in and experience for yourself how the interactive online course system functions.

What You Will Master

  • The Energy Audit Process and the state guidelines for energy audits.
  • What is thermal imaging (IR cameras) and how does it apply to diagnostics tests and energy audits.
  • What are blower door tests and how are blower door tests performed.
  • How to audit / test a furnace system.
  • Terminology used in energy audits / energy audit reports.
  • How to test for air leaks, duct leaks, and furnace / combustion appliance testing
  • And much more...
    This course includes discounts up to $1200 on an infrared camera purchase. These discounts can save you more than the purchase price of the course!
Package Includes:

Fees: $295 | Hours: 20 | Type: Distance | Enroll

Course CD-ROM, Online Course Access, Computerized Flashcards & Testing, Certificate of Completion, Toll Free Student Support.

**Package Deal: All 4 courses, CWC and CEA certifications for $695 (save $784)

weatherization energy auditor training packageIncludes all four courses, one-day optional field lab with instructors (can be taken separately for $299), Certified Weatherization Contractor and Certified Energy Auditor designation and logos from Professional Home Inspection Institute, Emissivity Guide (reference chart for emissivity values of common materials), and free one-month subscription to Home Energy Magazine. Enroll Now

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Course Lessons:

- Getting Started
- Energy Use and
- Energy Audit Process
- Thermal Imaging
- Blower Door Tests
- Testing for Duct Leaks
- Combustion Appliance
  Safety Test
- Furnace Testing
- Final Exam