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Simple Home Construction CourseSimple Home Construction Course

$199 | Hours: 8 | Type: Distance | Enroll

Simple Home Construction provides an overview of how typical single family dwellings have been constructed during the last century. It follows the basic order of home construction from the foundation to the framing to elements of the interior rough-in, identifying important components and how they are assembled. The course focuses on the major elements that are most important to residential home inspectors.

    Trying to immediately learn every system and component involved with home construction takes many hours and can be overwhelming. Since many elements of construction build on each other, this course focuses on the major ones, allowing you to keep each system fresh in your mind as you learn about the next. This course will help new inspectors quickly learn the basics of how a home is constructed and the name and location of each component. It is also a good refresher course for professionals who want to brush up on home construction or complete continuing education requirements.

    The course, available online and on CD-ROM, defines, illustrates, and explains the most important components of home construction in a simple, straight-foward manner. As you complete each lesson, you will use interactive flash cards and take practice quizzes that will test and verify your knowledge simultaneously through instant computerized feedback. Your computer records the results so you can easily track your progress. When you finish the course you will feel more confident and informed about how homes are constructed.

Learning Objectives You Will Master

        Common Foundations

  • Define the different types of foundations
  • Learn how foundations are constructed
  • Why different foundations are used
  • Describe the different types of footings
  • How below grade walls are constructed
  • Understand foundations for unstable soils
  • Learn the importance of compacted soil
  • Evaluate the components of a floating slab

        Building the Frame

  • Define common house framing methods
  • Common terms used in framing
  • The components of a floor system
  • The construction sequence for floors
  • The importance of midfloor supports
  • When floor frames are not used
  • The components of a wall frame
  • Construction sequence of wall frames
  • Evaluate the importance of shear walls
  • The components of a roof system
  • Construction sequence of roof systems
  • Roof water management components
  • Different types of exterior wall finishes

        Inside the House

  • Interior component terminology
  • The purpose of the interior rough-in
  • Use and efficiency of insulation types
  • Interior wall construction sequence
  • Properties of different types of windows
  • The importance of a home's millwork
  • Geneneral types of HVAC systems
  • The purpose of branch electric circuits
  • Plumbing components and materials
  • The interdependence of home systems
Package Includes:

Fees: $199 | Hours: 8  |  Type: Distance  |  Enroll 

Online Course Access, Tracking via the Internet, Computerized Flashcards & Testing, Audio/Video Demonstration Clips, Certificate, Toll Free Support. Free Membership in NSHI, the National Society of Home Inspectors.

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1. Common Foundations
   Footers, Piers, Piles

2. Building the Frame
   Framing methods
   Floor frames
   Roof systems
   Assembly sequences
   Exterior finishes

3. Inside the House
   Interior rough-in
   Insulation & Windows
   Finishing Walls & Trim
   Mechanical systems