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residential appliance efficiency courseResidential Appliance Efficiency Course

$295 | Hours: 10 | Type: Distance | Enroll

While a traditional residential energy audit will focus primarily on the exterior shell of a house, homeowners also have significant opportunities to improve the internal energy efficiency of their homes. By arming yourself with this information, you will be better able to address the concerns of your customers and increase the value of the service you provide in addition to weatherization and insulation remediation.

In this course, you will learn about the ENERGY STAR program and EnergyGuide labels as well as residential systems and home appliances that present opportunities for energy savings. Upon completion of this course, you will have the information and resources needed to advise homeowners on steps they can take to reduce their annual energy costs.

Throughout the course, you will learn from text, audio, videos, images, diagrams, electronic flashcards, practice quizzes, learning activities, and more! Your instruction will culminate in a final exam to verify that you have mastered the course content. The course takes about 10 hours to complete and can be taken online or on the interactive CD-ROM you receive in the mail.

Weatherization Contractor Certification

Energy Auditor Certification

Certified Weatherization Contractor
Weatherization & Insulation Remediation Course

Manf. Homes Insulation Course

Residential Appliance Efficiency
Certified Energy Auditor
Energy Audit Diagnostics Course

Weatherization & Insulation Remediation Course

Manf. Homes Insulation Course

Residential Appliance Efficiency

*CWC and CEA certification requires you to take the course combinations above.

Package Deal: All 4 courses, CWC and CEA certifications for $695** (save $485)

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Try a free online demo of the certified energy auditor course package offered by Professional Home Inspection Institute. This demo provides additional information about the weatherization training courses while also letting you log in and experience for yourself how the interactive online course system functions.

What You Will Master

  • The major factors and appliances that contribute to energy loss in a home.
  • How to identify areas of strength and weakness in terms of energy efficiency.
  • How to improve energy efficiency in a home or residential property.
  • How to determine energy efficiency / consumption in lighting systems, refrigerators and freezers, water heaters, HVAC systems, and other residential appliances.
  • Learn about Energy Star ratings, energy guide ratings, and what they mean to homeowners.
  • How to effectively market energy efficiency to clients.
  • And much more...
Package Includes:

Fees: $295 | Hours: 10 | Type: Distance | Enroll

Course CD-ROM, Online Course Access, Computerized Flashcards & Testing, Certificate of Completion, Toll Free Student Support.

**Package Deal: All 4 courses, CWC and CEA certifications for $695 (save $784)

weatherization energy auditor training packageIncludes all four courses, one-day field lab with instructors (can be taken separately for $299), Certified Weatherization Contractor and Certified Energy Auditor designation and logos from Professional Home Inspection Institute, Emissivity Guide (reference chart for emissivity values of common materials), and free one-month subscription to Home Energy Magazine. Enroll Now

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Course Lessons:

- Getting Started
- Energy Consumption
- Lighting
- Refrigerators and
- Water Heaters
- Heating & Air
  Conditioning Systems
- Other Residential
- Selling Energy Efficiency
- Final Exam